Flowers Symbolize Beautiful Growth & Butterflies Are Angels Sent to Us from Heaven to Brighten Our Days

Fun Flower Facts

The oldest rose in the world has flourished for over 1,000 years on the wall of Hildeshiem Cathedral in Germany.

Tulips are not originally from Holland - they were imported from Turkey in the 16th century.

In 17th century Holland, tulips were valued higher than many precious metals and gems.  A single bulb is said to have sold for more than $2,000.

Tulips are one of the fastest developing flowers.  They can grow up to an inch a day after being cut.

The Hawaiian tulip is one of the most toxic flowers to humans.  All parts of the plant are poisonous if consumed.

According to a Christian story, carnations were created when Mary watched Jesus carrying the cross.  A flower bloomed when her first tear hit the ground.

In 1986, congress voted to make the rose America's national flower.

A rare plant called Puya raimondii from the Andes in South America doesn't grow a flower until it is 150 years old - and after that it dies.

According to the fossil record, flowering plants appeared only about 140 million years ago, although some recently found fossil evidence suggests that they appeared 80 million years before that.

The Egyptian empire began cultivating and growing flowers over 4,000 years ago.

Thomas Edison created rubber from the flower golden rod.

The daffodil's sap contains sharp crystals that protect the flower from grazing animals.

Chocolate cosmos smell like chocolate.

Vanilla comes from the fruit of an orchid, Vanilla planifolia.

The poppy is used as a symbol for Remembrance Day (November 11) because the flower bloomed in the worst battlefields of Flanders in World War I.

The Welsh believed that if marigolds were not open early in the morning, then a storm was on the way.

Chickens eating marigold-enriched feed produce eggs with a deep yellow color.

Sunflowers turn their heads to the sun, which is the origin of their common name.

In Turkey, during the 1600's, flowers were used for sending coded messages for an array of purposes.

Life jackets used to be filled with sunflower stems.

80% of the flowers in the Australian rainforests are not found anywhere else in the world.

Pinks are so called not because of their color but because of the ragged edges, or pinks, on each petal.  The color pink is actually named after the flower.

Prince Charles is paid one daffodil a year as rent for his land on the Island of Sicily.

Roses don't have thorns, but rather sharp outgrowths of the skin of the stem called prickles.

It takes about 5,000 saffron flowers to produce just one ounce of saffron spice.

Orchids come in almost every color available except blue - there are even black and green orchids.

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